Raum für interdisziplinäre Kunst


After several experiences abroad the two brothers Francisco and Markus Schork founded Atelierschork in 2000.

Besides their individual careers they work together on different projects ranging from architectural photography to digital based installations.
In 2003 they opened »galeriepostkarte«, a temporary gallery project focused on postcard editions from local artists.

Francisco was born 1981 in Bordeaux, France. He studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts (HfbK) with Gerd Roscher and Matt Mullican and is currently studying Political Science at the University of Hamburg. From 2006 to 2007 he received a scholarship at the UCP in Lisbon, Portugal.

Markus was born 1975 in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied Design and Photography at the InD (Düsseldorf, Hamburg) with Gabriele Rothemann and Volker Heinze. Since 2003 he works as a freelancer on graphic and digital media projects.